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Namaste everyone. 

India is known for it’s rich ancient history, arts, diversified culture & at present also known to be one of the most significant & developing nation in the world. Wayfaring India is about India Travel and food blog website that helps you to get the best of information regarding the places to travel within the nation along with the taste of variety of cuisines, art & culture. Come & join us to enrich the beauty of this nation. 




The website is divided into three different  categories. 

Travel Blogger- Sattaki Ghosh

Sattaki Ghosh


Professionally I am a musician. As i travel a lot so thought to share my experience through blogs. 

Singer Songwriter- lahul


Food Blogger

Hi! I am a singer songwriter, who loves to talk about food.

Ghosh Maam - Hindustani Vocal Trainer

Pratima Ghosh

Music Blogger

Namaste! I am Hindustani Vocal Trainer. I wish to share my experience in music with everyone. 

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