Impact of coronavirus on Economy (travel industry) 2020

Corona Virus in India

We are all under a huge threat! As growing cases of coronavirus surpass 138k, including five thousand casualties globally. The whole hospitality and tourism such as hotels, restaurants, travel agents, destinations, flights, railways, and sea transportation impacted due to coronavirus.

There is a huge impact of coronavirus on the economy(travel industry). According to the International Air Transport Association, global airlines lose $113 billion in sales, if coronavirus continues to spread. Most of the countries have declared a complete shutdown. The World Health Organisation has declared the worldwide Coronavirus crisis a pandemic.

Impact of coronavirus in India

Indian Government has suspended all visas until April 15th, 2020. The cancellation of visas impacts the economy heavily.

How will coronavirus impact the Indian Economy?

Impact of coronavirus in India

   Coronavirus or COVID-19 continues to spread all across the world. The number of cases in India has crossed 98, with 2 casualties. Most of the schools and cinema halls are closed until March 31st. Events all across India are called off including IPL. The government has also asked to avoid any big gathering such as market place and wedding. 

There is a significant decrease in the tourism department too. As countries all across the world including India, are imposing travel restrictions. Due to these restrictions, studies say that there may rise to a Global recession impacting a downfall on GDP.

Twitter update on coronavirus in india
Total cases rise to 235+

Families love to plan their summer vacation in advance, but this year has seen a downfall to the advance booking. As travelers are scared to be infected. The virus has negatively affected the travel and tourism business. As globally the industry sees a deficit of nearly eighty billion dollars and counting.  

States affected due to Coronavirus

States AffectedNumber of Cases (Indian National)No. Of Cases (Foreign National)CuredDeath
Andhra Pradesh3000
Delhi NCR25151
Madhya Pradesh4000
Tamil Madu3010
Uttar Pradesh23100
West Bengal2000

What are the things to keep in mind if you are looking to travel?

One might think to travel to the non-affected places, it will not be safe to travel during this time. As you may board a flight or book a train to go to a particular place. There may be people from different parts of the country, and you may come across some infected areas without awareness.

Though you can definitely keep certain things in mind while you are looking to travel in the near future. You need to be pretty smart when you are booking tickets or hotels.

Points to Remember while you book your tickets.

Coronavirus India do's and Don'ts
  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Review Cancellation Policies.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Look out for airline offer with no cancellation fees.
  • Try to see if you get flexibility for rescheduling.
Coronavirus Update, by who

The World Health Organisation gives out some important Coronavirus Travel Advice.

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