Indian Cuisine

India is diverse. Indian Cuisine  consists of variety  of regional and traditional cuisines. Due to diverse culture, climate, and soil, we can enjoy the different types of spices, fruits, and vegetables.

Over the time there were many changes brought into our society. Indian Cuisine had to adopt the changes too. From Vedic age to Mughals invading India, and lastly the Britishers. The changes made by all the invasions over the years gave India a taste palate that is hard to find any where in the World. 


Indian Sweets has a history over a period of more than 2000 years. Over the years Indian Cuisine went through a lot of changes. 

"Indians love their tea."

Tea is an essential  part of Indian Culture, commonly termed as “Chai”. It cannot be summed up to a drink. It is source of happiness, a medium of communication. So, it is considered to be the most important beverage of India.

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