Top 5 places to eat in Kolkata (Part-1)

Top 5 places to eat in kolkata
Best place to eat in Kolkata, 2020.

Top 5 Places to eat in Kolkata (Part -1)

The City of Joy is a food lover’s paradise without a doubt. 

The reason is that from Street food to restaurants you will find amazing & delicious food. That fits your budget. The moment you step outside and board the iconic yellow taxi. Each and every crossing, you will find numerous eateries that serve great food. This is part 1 of “Top 5 Places to eat in Kolkata”.

I personally believe that the best way to learn about the history and culture of a country or city or even any place around the world is by exploring the different cuisines that a city or country has to offer. India throughout history had invaders, leaving behind their arts, culture & food. 

The city of joy Kolkata is a pretty old city, which gives us the luxury to explore such amazing cuisine existing over 200 years now. 

It was a pretty hard decision to make which one according to me are the top 5 places to eat in Kolkata. As you cannot pick one over the other. So, if you guys think I have missed out on something you can defiantly write it down on the comments section.

My Personal Favourites

  • Royal Indian Restaurant. (Bara Bazar)
  • Shiraz Golden Restaurant (Park Street Area)
  • Chitto Babur Dokan ( Dacres Lane)
  • Petter Cat (Park Street)
  • Nahoum and Sons (New Market)

Let us know why they are my favorite

Royal Indian Restaurant (Bara Bazaar) 

Royal Indian Restaurant best place to eat in Kolkata- Wayfaring India
One of the oldest restaurant to serve biryani is Royal Indian Restaurant

Biryani is like a love affair generally for any Bengali, and people here just love it on any given occasion. Be it a small family gathering or wedding people here loves to celebrate occasions with Biryani. There are so many choices when it comes to biryani, for some there may be other favorites, but for me, I love old and classic Kolkata biryani which I find only in two places one being Royal Indian Restaurant and the other Shiraz. Royal Indian Restaurant has got a lot of history dates back to 1905 when Lord Curzon divided Bengal. Ahmed Hussain, a descendent of Nawab Wazid Ali Shah, who migrated from Lucknow and later opened up a small restaurant in Chitpur, rest is history. 

The long-grain rice with tender pieces of meat falling off its bones. It is mesmerizing and surely it cannot be described in words. I would defiantly recommend everyone to try it out once, and do share your experience with me I would love to know more about it. 

Along with it, you can try Royal mutton chaap and mutton pasinda kebab which is available on Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. Also, these are the days when you also get their famous Shahi Tukra. 

Price Quote: Rs 500 for two people approx.

Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor

Shiraz Golden Restaurant ( Park Street Area) 

Shiraz The Golden Restaurant Mutton Biryani
Shiraz the golden Restaurant Park Street Area.

As I did mention that there are two most iconic restaurants in Kolkata when it comes to Biryani. Shiraz is my next favorite restaurant. Shiraz was founded in 1941, later Shamshuddin bawarchi(chef) joined Shiraz whose ancestors were there the cook of Wajid Ali Shah. As per the records, it is said that Bengali Muslims adopted the Awadi cuisine and twisted the Lucknow Biryani with potatoes and that became a specialty of Kolkata Biryani. 

It is different from Royal’s Biryani. Here they serve not only meat but also potato and hard-boiled egg that makes it depict the classic style of Kolkata Biryani.

You can also try other dishes like Reshmi Kebab or kakori Kebab or Chaap. 

Price Quote: Rs 600 for 2 approx. 

Chitto Babur Dokan ( Dacres Lane)

Chitto Babur Dokan  best chicken stew  in Kolkata
Best chicken stew in Kolkata Chitto Babur Dokan

Dacres Lane is a food paradise, it has numerous small outlets selling all kinds of different food, starting from Chinese to Mughlai to finger foods. he lane is quite next to the offices, thus you will find it buzzing with people around the lunch hours. The lane is named after James Milner Dacres, who was a collector in Calcutta around 1773. 

It is not a fancy restaurant, so you may find yourself sitting on the bench on the roadside while you enjoy the food. 

Chitto Babur dokan is located inside this lane, for more than 60 years this small shop has been selling some amazing chicken stew along with loaf bread.  

This is one healthy stew consists of turmeric powder, cumin powder, boiled veggies, whole chicken leg, and sliced bread. Along with the famous chicken stew, you can try different options like fish fry, fish kabiraji. I wanted to keep it healthy so I went with the stew. 

Price Quote: Rs 300 for two approx. 

Peter Cat (Park Street)

Peter Cat- Chelo Kebab Best place to eat in Kolkata park Street
Chelo Kebab in Peter Cat( Park Street, Kolkata)

Peter Cat an iconic Kolkata restaurant resides on the main stretch of The Park Street. It was established in the year 1975. The name has a lot to do with cricket, and people here love sports especially cricket and football. ou know it when you watch those games played in Eden Gardens or football match in the biggest Indian football stadium in India. 

Peter cat serves different cuisines like continental, North Indian, Pan Asian.Tandoori. It has a pleasant ambiance but great food. So, this a must-visit place and the stand out dish to go for is the Chelo Kebab. The way it is presented is amazing. Beautifully plated rice in the middle with kebabs on the side with charred veggies and a half fried egg on the top, with some butter cubes. It is more than sufficient for one person. The kebabs have a smokey flavor and are really juicy. It is cooked to perfection where it melts like butter as soon as you eat it.

if you are not someone who eats rice then you can try some other options like Keema naan, Dum- Ki- Raan, Shikar kebab.

Price Quote: Rs 1000 for two approx.

 Nahoum and Sons(New Market)

Nahoum and sons best bakery in Kolkata
Kolkata has iconic Jew bakery Nahoum and sons

A Jewish Bakery still continues to draw customers over 100 years now. Bengali’s love affair with sweets is well known. Servings of sweets or desserts after each meal is compulsory. The Capital of West Bengal did adapt to the changes according to its time. We find new restaurants and bakeries opening up and are loved by the locals, but Nahoum and sons stood distinctively against the modern changes. Other bakeries have fancy outlets but Nahoum paints the old fashioned layout. Though they have recently started accepting card payments, you can still find the old and classic wooden cash box. 

The bakery was founded in 1902 by Nahoum Israel Mordecai, a Baghdadi Jew. The bakery is located in the middle of a highly crowded market, New Market. 

Things to look out for when in Nahoum, chicken patty, rumbles, lemon tarts, eclair, chicken puff, plum cake 

Price Quote: Rs. 300 for two approx.

in this commercial world where big brands can easily promote themselves, its our responsibility to hold on to our culture and promote the local food scene. So, post in your suggestions or recommendations and I will try my level best to cover it on my next blog. 

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    As best said “OLD IS GOLD”

    1. Thank You so much, Karan, indeed it is a great place to be.

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